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Healing Art of Jyoti McKie

Jyoti McKie

Jyoti McKie is an artist with an international reputation. She studied art and sculpture at Homerton College, Cambridge, U.K. She taught art in London prior to moving to Scotland in 1972 where her work as an artist began in earnest. Whilst living and painting in Scotland she exhibited widely and also pioneered work in art therapy. In 1987 she immigrated to Australia where her art took on a fresh and powerful dimension. 

As an artist who travels extensively Jyoti has often exhibited work inspired by her journeys through out many countries. Her work is shown in private and gallery collections through out the world. Besides being an artist Jyoti is a published author and continues to happily combine these two talents in fresh and innovative ways. 

Jyoti’s versatility and skill as an artist shows a range of subject matter including landscape, figurative and abstract work. Her work reveals a spirit and freedom of expression which has the courage to continuously go beyond previous limits. Her dynamic use of colour combines beautifully with a passionate approach to the subjects she chooses giving the viewer an invitation to dive right into the painting and participate to the full.

 Solo Exhibitions:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland, Saltyre Society Gallery

Vaughan College, Leicester, England, (invited)

Traverse Theatre Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Netherbow Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Newliston House, West Lothian, Scotland (Artist in residence)

Quinn Gallery, St. Andrews, Scotland

              Annual exhibition, Body, Mind Spirit Expo, Perth, W.A.

              The Coates Street Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia

              The Turret Centre, Western Australia

              Spirit of Peace Exhibition, Denmark, Europe

             Angel of the World Exhibition, Arts Post Galleries, Hamilton, NZ

             The Burnham Institute of Art, Burnham, Scotland

             The Conscious Living Expo, Perth W.A.

             Mattie Furphy House, Swanbourne, W.A.

Group Exhibitions:

1975                  Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland, South side Gallery

1978                  Edinburgh Academy Exhibition

1980                  The Edinburgh Group-Underneath the Arches Gallery

1982                  “Women Live” Glassmarket Gallery (Women’s festival of arts)

1982                  Nottingham “Festival of India” multicultural event

1986                  Edinburgh Academy Exhibition

1994                  Northern Artists “Wild West” Exhibition, Perth, W.A.

2002                  The Studio, Lethangie, Kinross, Scotland

2005                  The Sacred Feminine Festival Fremantle W.A. 

2018                  Mindscapes, CASM artists, Cambridge Street Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

2018              Mindscapes2018, The Moores Building, Fremantle, W.A.

2019              Mindscapes2019, Gomboc Gallery, Middle Swan, W.A.

Galleries where work has been exhibited:

U.K.: Edinburgh: The Torrance Gallery, Hanover Fine Arts, The Forth Gallery, Queensferry Galleries. Glasgow: Annan Gallery, Compass Gallery, London: Holland Gallery, King Street Gallery.
Australia, W.A.:  The A-Shed Gallery, Fremantle, Ambrosium Gallery Shop, Kalamunda,  Templemore Gallery Nannup, Galileo York, New Zealand: Arts Post Galleries, N.Z. & Artist in Residence Hamilton. U.S.A.:  Waconia Gallery, Minnesota        


​​Painting for me is part of my life blood and has played a huge role in my life since childhood. Gifted from an early age with being able to perceive subtle energy I have found art to be a marvellous avenue for bringing forth images of a visionary nature.  In my art I like to reveal a spiritual dimension and freedom of expression which has the courage to continuously go beyond previous limits. Using dynamic colour and textures I love to combine visionary imagery with a deep sense of the beauty and sacredness within all life. 
Approaching the act of creativity with both passionate joy and total presence as an artist I find I can engage in a versatility of subject matter; choosing most of all to give the viewer an invitation to dive right into the painting and participate to the full.